• Girls of Grace Q & A  - with Point of Grace

Real questions... from real girls with real answers... from Point of Grace

Is online dating OK? What if my boyfriend is too "hands on"?  How do I deal with my parents' divorce?  How can I help my depressed friend?  How do I tell my friend about God without sounding stuck-up?  How can I dress cute and modest?  Do you ever have bad days?  What if I feel distant from God?

In each Girls of Grace conference, the members of the popular Christian group Point of Grace deal with the hot topics facing young women today. Denise, Heather, Shelley and Leigh, along with their friend and director of Mercy Ministries, Nancy Alcorn, openly talk about family, sex, dating, friendships, and more. Blending their own insights with biblical instruction, they offer a fresh, contemporary style and helpful advice and encouragement.

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Girls of Grace Q & A - with Point of Grace

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