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Lists, Lists, and more Lists

How many people know the thirty-one things God hates, the twenty things missing in heaven, or the twenty-two prophecies fulfilled by Jesus? Merely to mention such lists piques interest, because almost everyone finds list irresistible. Bob Phillip's new book plays to that natural curiosity, giving readers the longest and the shortest, the most and the least, and the greatest and the smallest from the pages of the Bible. The lists range widely from theology and characters to wisdom and humor, including such subjects as:

  • 33 contrasts between Christ and the antichrist
  • 140 major Bible characters
  • 59 titles of Christ
  • 125 counseling helps from the Bible
  • 5 major ways God reveals Himself

Scripture references accompany all lists, making the book not merely fascinating entertainment, but a valuable reference tool for Bible students, pastors, and teachers.

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Find it in the Bible - Bob Phillips

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