Choosing a Bible Translation can be daunting, after all there are so many!

So Here is some advice:

If you are wanting to Study the Word, A Study Bible is a great way to start.  The commentary found at the bottom of the page, opens up the text for the reader, Giving an explanation of what the verse is saying.  A Word for Word Translation is also great for Study - The New King James Version, The English Standard Version or the Amplified Bible, are just some that fall into this category.

Or, If you are wanting to simply get into the Word, and have a Translation that is easy to follow and understand, I would suggest The Thought for Thought Translations: New Living Translation, Contemporary English Version or the Good news Bible are all Bibles that would suit.

The most important thing is to Read it!  Every Day.  It is our Guide Book for Life!  It's where we come to know who God is, learn about His Character, His plan for mankind, and about His love for all people.   Transform your thinking by soaking up the Word of God, after all , What consumes your mind, Controls your life.

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